Website Demo

I've created a simple project to show how to work with EasyPersist in the real life.
The website consists of 2 pages and allows you to view the list of cities, add a city and edit a city.

On edit page for Counties I use OpenSource project -- AJAX facebook like Autocomplete control.

also other opensource used:
Prototypejs javascript framework
AJAX Control Toolkit

How To Run

  • Download Web Site Demo from the Release Page
  • Unzip into IIS folder (usually c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\) The ZIP contains a folder with the site an SQL Struct and SQL Server 2005 DB bak. You need to restore the db backup in you SQL.
  • You can open website with Visual Studio and run it there or From IIS console create an application for the folder with the site files
  • Go to your site root\App_Code\AppConfig.cs and edit Connection string
  • Open the site in the browser

.....more info coming soon.... I'm ready to answer questions and provide some help ;)

download the project sources from the release page

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